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Lessons that educate and transform. Redefining the fundamentals and providing unique tools for rapid improvement.

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Our coaching system is designed for the modern athlete.

Whether you’re a competitive golfer or learning the game for the first time, we assess your game and build the map to navigate your journey to higher performance.

The learning environment is built for you to receive specific, meaningful feedback delivered in an easy-to-understand language.  Advanced principles of the game’s physics and geometry are made accessible and turned into powerful tools while tracking progress one shot at a time.

We believe that two simple equations guide your growth:

  • Talent x Effort = Skill
  • Skill x Effort = Achievement

We’re here to ensure your effort is efficient and rewarding.

Starting from the ground up, you’ll learn the elements of controlling the low point of the arc and repeatedly finding the sweet spot.  Utilizing the keys to controlling the low point allows you to unlock the power of solid contact.

Layers of understanding will begin to unfold as you’re guided with simple, meaningful cues and rehearsals that are specific and transformative. You’ll learn to practice and play like the most experienced golfers in the world.

Once contact is understood and developed, we advance to loading the power accumulators and transferring momentum. All of this is done without “resisting” your lower body or creating unnecessary stress in the joints. You’ll learn to swing freely, powerfully, and pain-free.  This is not merely a goal, this is the expectation.

Finally, we teach you the fundamentals of curving the ball.  You’ll develop a repeatable setup that builds in a predictable ball-flight, programmed at address.  Since you’ll have learned to trace the arcs, manage your hubs, and control the low point, the ball is now expected to fall toward your target, not away from it!

Progressing through pitch shots, punch shots, half swings, and full swings, your foundation will be solid.  You’ll play with confidence, deflecting unnecessary “quick fixes” and “band-aids.”

By combining elements of the true fundamentals, practicing with a purpose, establishing a functional pre-shot routine, and learning to internalize your skills, you will become a complete player.

What our golfers say

I'm an active 71-year-old avid golfer who is always trying to improve my game. The friendly professionals at IGP taught me more about the cutting edge fundamentals of the golf swing in 30 minutes than I had learned in 30 years. Regardless of your skill level, I highly recommend taking their Assessment and seeing where that leads you.  Trust me, they know what they're talking about and you will be impressed!

Jim Anderson

The lessons and training I've had with the Integrity Team have been nothing short of impressive. I'm enjoying the detailed approach as every step we take makes sense based on my unique characteristics. The movement screen and assessment was the first time I really understood my patterns and the direction we needed to take to reach my goals. The facilities are top-notch and the team is great. I recommend any golfer with a desire to improve to dive in headfirst and get started.

Philip B.

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