Mastering the green demands a secret weapon: Peak fitness. Ready to embark on the path to victory?

Your Path to Golf Excellence

Are you tired of settling for mediocrity on the golf course? We get it. You want to improve your game, but this doesn’t just happen overnight. The golf swing is a complex dance of muscles and movements, and it takes a comprehensive strategy to unlock its full potential. Whether you're a seasoned player or just starting out, we're here to guide you toward your golfing goals. Whether it's boosting your distance, recovering from an injury, or simply feeling your best after a round, our customized approach has got you covered.

At Integrity Golf Performance, our expert coaches and trainers are fluent in the language of golf. What you work on with your coach translates seamlessly into your training routine with us.

Our biomechanical assessment is the foundation of a personalized success plan that improves your game while promoting your overall well-being. Say goodbye to golf-related pain and hello to a game that's free from limitations – regardless of your skill level.

Golf Fitness Training

Expert Kinesiologists, Unrivaled Expertise

At Integrity Golf Performance, our seasoned kinesiologists have honed their expertise with over 14,000 athletes in various sports. From recovering from injuries to unlocking peak performance, we're dedicated to training golfers of all levels. 

Science and data are our driving forces at Integrity Golf Performance. Our kinesiologists empower golfers like you with precise insights, ensuring your journey is marked by clarity and confidence.

Our credentials speak volumes – TPI Level 1 Certification, Certified Sports Athletic Trainer, Certified Back Rehab Specialist, and more. With deep expertise in Biomechanics, Exercise Science, and Kinesiology, we're your partners in reaching the pinnacle of golf fitness.

Ready to propel your golf game? Seize control of your journey with our unparalleled fitness program. Your next great shot starts with taking that first step.

Our Winning Formula for Success

Unlocking your full golf potential is a journey we take seriously at Integrity Golf Performance. Our tailored approach to golf fitness training is structured around a proven four-step process, ensuring you achieve your goals with precision and effectiveness.


Our kinesiologists assess how our golfers utilize the ground for strength, speed, and power. We identify imbalances and craft a targeted plan to optimize your performance.



Our kinesiologists evaluate muscle flexibility, joint alignment, and range of motion, ensuring your joints maintain control across different speeds, angles, and directions. 



Effective muscle activation generates proper force for joint control and protection. We assess muscle balance and activation, enhancing your performance and speeding up recovery.



With the help of a digital goniometer, we swiftly assess flexibility and mobility. This data-rich analysis monitors muscle length, joint range, and stability, keeping you on the path to peak performance.

What our golfers say

The golf-fitness program is cutting-edge with some really unique tools. The ropes and RMT clubs have been so much fun while learning how to use MAT during a round of golf is helping me overcome low back pain. My hip mobility has improved and there's a noticeable difference in my golf swing. Highly recommended!

John Stokes

Key is such a knowledgable trainer and has helped me with nutrition in addition to pushing me to become a better athlete. I now have a fitness protocol I follow every day at home and we eliminated my shoulder pain. I'm excited to continue training and improving my game!!!

Anthony E.

Are you ready to improve your game?

Most golfers know they should be doing more, but don’t know where to begin. Integrity Golf Performance collects your data and designs a tailored program detailing how to work smart and reach your performance goals.

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