2023 Driver Review: Aerojet vs LTDx Drivers

If you’ve searched far and wide for the perfect driver, but found yourself confused over the many different types—all with new-and-improved technology—we’ve got you.

Since TaylorMade’s introduction of metal woods in 1979, the market for drivers has become an increasingly competitive space and shows no signs of slowing up.

With such a wide array of options, all declared capable of hitting the ball further and straighter, selecting the right head and shaft combination for your swing can be a daunting task. You might even experience buyer’s remorse, seeing your money go down the drain following an ill-advised purchase, while prices increase yearly.

How is a player to determine which driver suits their game but won’t break the bank?

In our experience, Cobra drivers have been underrated for the last several years, and their new 2023 model is also worth thorough consideration.

Given the success of Cobra’s 2022 driver, the LTDx, we were eager to see how performance and esthetics might be improved in the 2023 Aerojet. After our detailed research and comparison process, we were not disappointed.

Here is a comprehensive comparison of the technology, features, and performance of both the Aerojet and the LTDx, plus a look at some of the new aspects of this year’s Aerojet.

High Draws, Tight Cuts, and Fairway Finders

Much like last year’s LTDx line, the Aerojet line will be offered in three different models that are designed to suit specific ball flights or swing patterns.

With the Aerojet, the Aerojet Max, and the Aerojet LS, Cobra has built upon the unique features of the LTDx, delivering a reliable, yet forgiving driver head, which was recently selected as the best driver for distance by MyGolfSpy (specifically the Aerojet LS model).

You’ll want to pay close attention to what they have to offer.


Comparable to last year’s LTDx Max, the Aerojet Max is the most forgiving of this tee-ball trio. The Aerojet Max presents dual adjustable weight ports (located in the rear and heel of the clubhead) and a modest offset at address, making it an ideal draw-biased choice for players who have trouble closing the clubface through impact.

With a more rearward center of gravity, the Aerojet Max also promotes a high launch off the clubface while keeping spin to a moderate level.


  • Suitable for low-high handicappers with a desire to start the ball left (for R.H. golfers) and reduce the fade/slice pattern
  • Available lofts (both R.H. and L.H.):  9*/10.5*/12*
  • Stock weight configuration: 12g rear weight, 3g heel weight
  • Comparable models:  Titleist TSR1/TSR2, TaylorMade Stealth 2 HD, Callaway Paradym X


Building on the success of last year’s LTDx, the Aerojet is a highly versatile option that can perform across a wide range of swing speeds.

The Aerojet touts medium launch windows while maintaining low spin rates, producing a relatively neutral ball flight (the mildest of draw bias) that makes it a viable option for both draw and fade-biased players, as it can be fine-tuned through +/- 1.5* loft adjustments and the adjustable rear weight port.

AEROJET Features

  • Suitable for mid or low handicappers with above-average swing speed (95+ mph) who seek both distance and forgiveness
  • Available lofts (both R.H. and L.H.): 9*/10.5*/12*
  • Stock weight configuration: 12g rear weight
  • Comparable models: Titleist TSR2/TSR3, TaylorMade Stealth 2, Callaway Paradym, Srixon ZX5 LS


Cobra low-spin drivers have checked all the esthetics, performance, and cost boxes over the last few years. This year’s model is no different. With a slightly smaller head shape and a higher/forward CG (center of gravity) relative to the standard Aerojet and Aerojet Max, the Aerojet LS provides an appealing option for higher-speed players wishing to reduce spin without sacrificing other launch and impact conditions.

Like the other Aerojet models, the fade bias of the Aerojet LS can be minimized, neutralized, or maximized by fine-tuning the weight and loft settings.


  • Suitable for mid-low or low handicappers with high swing speed (110+ mph)
  • Available lofts (both R.H. and L.H.): 9*/10.5*/12*
  • Stock weight configuration: 12g heel weight, 3g toe weight
  • Comparable models: Titleist TSR4, Stealth 2 Plus, Paradym Triple Diamond, ZX7 LS

Aerojet vs LTDx: Feature and Performance Comparison

Both the Aerojet and LTDx drivers are designed to maximize distance while maintaining forgiveness. The Aerojet is focused on aerodynamics and the LTDx on maintaining stability with reduced overall weight and “zero CG”. Golfers may find slight variations in distance, depending on their swing characteristics, but both drivers are engineered to deliver longer drives.

While both the Aerojet and the LTDx feature Cobra’s A.I.-driven H.O.T Face technology, the LTDx driver features a CNC Milled Infinity Face, while the Aerojet has gone away from the milled face in lieu of a cleaner, more traditional look.

The LTDx utilizes a titanium chassis to support its PWR-COR technology in an effort to move mass lower and further forward on the driver head. The Aerojet, however, showcases an upgrade to the existing PWR-COR design with its new PWR-BRIDGE, allowing for higher potential ball speed on off-center strikes.

Both the Aerojet and LTDx drivers offer adjustable loft sleeves for fine-tuning trajectory and spin, catering to golfers’ individual preferences. As premium drivers using advanced technology, both the Aerojet and LTDx come with price tags that understate their high-quality materials and performance capabilities.

When it comes to price-to-performance ratio, both the Aerojet and the LTDx are top of the class in the manufacturing market.

Invest in Yourself

Now that we’ve compared different drivers, you might still be conflicted about which driver is best for you—and that’s normal.

Our aim is to improve your game and build a driver you can cash in with on a round against your buddies. To fit and build a reliable big dog, we conduct thorough testing, pay attention to the details, and fine tune every variable: frequency, swing weight, length, loft, lie, and shaft profile.

Some golfers rely on good-quality equipment to do all the work for them, and although that might make golfing easier, your equipment is not a replacement for your golf performance. The proven formula is a balanced routine, a professional training plan, the best equipment for you, and real-time feedback from professionals who know what they are talking about.

The more informed you are, not only about drivers, but your overall performance, the better you’ll play and the more confident you’ll be. Our team will collect your data and design a complete program for you, detailing specific protocols, so you’re not just dropping cash on equipment you might later regret buying.

Contact us today for an assessment to find the best driver for you. You won’t regret it!

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