From club-fitting analysis to tour-standard build processes, one of a kind technology and endless custom options, we have you covered.

Not Scoring to Your Potential?

You're not alone. Most golfers develop habits to compensate for their unfitted clubs. Trust our team of experts, ready to fit you like the best players in the world.

We tailor master-fit and handcrafted custom clubs that are built to improve performance. Proudly powered by Cool Clubs, the golf industry's leading custom club-fitting company, enjoy an experience backed by the highest quality club-fitting and build process in golf. With over 20,000 shaft and head combinations along with experienced club-fitters aided by industry-leading software, you're guided by the same processes and technology as the best players in the world. This makes for a special experience that's adaptable to your needs.

What's next?

Our simple four step process is the beginning of your improvement.

Book Club Fitting

Book your club fitting and bring your sticks.


Hit Balls & Collect Data

We’ll test new combinations to improve dispersion and performance.



Buy as many or as few of the suggested clubs your fitter recommends.


Hand Crafted Clubs

We’ll hand-build your clubs with unmatched quality and precision.

What our golfers say

The club-fitting process was simply amazing. We saw immediate improvements in my distance and speed....along with a better shot pattern. I never thought my equipment was right for me and this fitting proved that the clubs were too soft and spinny.

Kyle S.

Super knowledgeable staff using the latest technology for the best fitting experience. IGP is brand agnostic and let’s the data / evidence do all the talking!

If you’ve never done a proper putter fitting, I would strongly encourage it. You’ll be amazed by the tricks your eyes and brain play on you with alignment. Thanks Dustin for a first class experience and “straightening me out”.

Bill Brown

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