By focusing on the Spinal Engine and teaching you to harness your body's most powerful movement patterns, we help you unleash your full potential.

Not Playing to Your Potential?

You're not alone. Many golfers neglect the fitness aspect of the game and develop bad habits that are hard to correct without an expert golf fitness trainer.

Trust our team of golf fitness trainers paired with the latest technology, ready to train you like the world's best players.

We combine various modern tools designed to prevent injury and enhance performance. Whether you're a competitive golfer or just getting started, we will assess your current condition and navigate your journey to maximize your full potential.

Each athlete goes through an assessment process designed to gain insight into the system's patterns and current state. From there, we program a step-by-step circuit that utilizes Rotational Movement Training (RMT), Non-Dominant Side Training, Limit Force Elastics, Compression Strength, Mach 3 Speed Training, Coiling Core Training, and Recovery.

What's next?

Our four step process lays the foundation.

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Golfer Mobility Screen

We'll guide you through a golf-specific movement screen to identify how your body moves and how it reflects in your swing.


Personalized Growth Plan

Receive your customized mobility report, initial programming, and a video recap of your session via the CoachNow mobile app.


Improve Your Game

Continuous feedback, guidance, and accountability from the IGP fitness team to get you on track and reach your goals.

What our golfers say

I'm an active 71-year-old avid golfer who is always trying to improve my game. The friendly professionals at IGP taught me more about the cutting edge fundamentals of the golf swing in 30 minutes than I had learned in 30 years. Regardless of your skill level, I highly recommend taking their Assessment and seeing where that leads you.  Trust me, they know what they're talking about and you will be impressed!

Jim Anderson

The lessons and training I've had with the Integrity Team have been nothing short of impressive. I'm enjoying the detailed approach as every step we take makes sense based on my unique characteristics. The movement screen and assessment was the first time I really understood my patterns and the direction we needed to take to reach my goals. The facilities are top-notch and the team is great. I recommend any golfer with a desire to improve to dive in headfirst and get started.

Philip B.

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